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Boneyard Seed LLC is driven to provide only the highest quality seed available today. All our mixes and blends serve one purpose and that is to create great food plots that exceed our client’s expectations. Every product we sell has been designed to grow fantastic and each ingredient is selected to contribute to the success of the plot, just as important, to the success of the client. Boneyard Seed was founded by hunters with many years’ experience, this have helped us in choosing the food plots that will work the best in hunting situations.

Boneyard Seed LLC offers seed mixes and blends that can bring a client through the entire growing season, with some taking clients through many seasons. This is done mainly because of our theory of “No Filler”, which is that all seed in our products of contributing to the enhancement of the food plot. We take a lot of pride in providing only the Best food plots and continue to bring new and innovative products to the hunting community.

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Scott Bronkema
Boneyard Seed LLC

Scott Bronkema

Scott Bronkema

"Thank you to all my customers and a special thank you to my Awesome wife, could not have done this without you. Thank you Dad for all your Knowledge and time." ~Scott Bronkema