Planting Guide

How to Frost Seed Clovers

Frost seeding clovers can be the easiest method of planting a food plot. It uses the warm days and cool nights of the spring and fall to draw the small seed into the soil. As the spring sun warms and softens the top layer of soil, the seed sinks into the wet ground. The cool evening temps hold the seed. This natural cycle sets the seed for proper seed growth and takes advantage of the moist spring soil.

Clovers are depth sensitive. Planting too deep causes loss of germination due to set rotting. Simply broadcast seed at 8# per acre. Hardy Red and White clovers will seed themselves even with existing weeds present, as long as seeding before “green up.” Clovers are very competitive and will choke out most plants and take over plot after mowing. This planting method can be done anywhere and time that there are cool nights and warm days, from the snow covered north to mid and southern areas as long as the season is right.

Clovers are cool season legumes that grow the best in colder weather. Fertilize with 3-14-42 at a rate of 100# per acre. Mow clovers 2 months after planting or when 12-18 inches high to promote new tender growth.

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